Writing Testable Code for ABAP - openSAP

Writing Testable Code for ABAP - openSAP

Week 1 - Introduction to ABAP Unit Testing

Tests vs. Testable Codes

Tests Need Testable Codes

Unit Test Design and Tips

What Cases To Cover

Tips And Tricks

Tips And Tricks 2

DB Rollback


Week 2 - Test-Driven Development

No content

Week 3 - Pair Programming & Writing Testable Code

Pair Programming

Pair Programming

Rebate Engine Exercise


Week 4 - Test Isolation Theory and Practice

Test Isolation

Test Isolation

Create Interface Always



Test Doubles

Write Testable Codes

Test Doubles

Test Doubles Terminology

Week 5 - Dependency Lookup

Dependency Lookup

Object Factory Class

Secure Injection

Week 6 - Working with Legacy Code, Tools and Summary

Legacy Code

Continuous Integration

What to Focus on When Writing New Code

Michael Feathers

The relationship between testability and good design (ArticleVideo)

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