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How to Add Lombok to a Java/Gradle Project in IntelliJ IDEA

Open IntelliJ IDEA Preferences and install Lombok plugin. Enable Annotation Processing Add ...

Generic Collections

Java Collections framework Collection Iterator List and ArrayList are implementing Collect...

Exception Handling

Throwable Hierarchy All exceptions in Java must inherit from Throwable class. Error is an ...

Array and ArrayList

Java has only 1-dimensional array. To create multi-dimensional array, you need to create array o...

Java Basics

Commenting // Single line comment /* Multiple Lines Comment */ /** JavaDoc Comment */ ...

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Java 8 Fundamentals

Microservices with Spring Boot

This is my journey log of the online training course "Master Microservices with Spring Boot and S...

Workshop (3DS)

My notes from attended training course "Advanced Docker with Kubernetes on 8 and 15 July 2018" @ ...


My notes from the course "OpenShift for the Absolute Beginners - Hands-on" by Mumshad Mannambeth ...

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Java Fundamental

Spring Boot

All about Spring Boot framework for Microservices


Authentication and Authorization mechanisms that grants clients to access protected resources wit...

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